Liverpool Blitz Arsenal; City are Back; United are Free.

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Blitzkrieg – German word for ‘Lightning-War’ is a form of warfare where an attacking force breaks the opponent’s line of defense using speed and surprise to unbalance the enemy by making it difficult for them to respond to continuous waves of attack pummeling the opposition by overwhelming it in numbers. This past Saturday we witnessed Juergen Klopp’s Red Army Blitzkrieging through another hapless opponent who had no answer to the speed and strength of the marauding Liverpool army.

Arsenal are not a bad team, at one point going 22 straight matches without defeat. Unai Emery their new Basque coach has them organized, and Aubameyang their fleet footed striker is co-leading the league in goals scored. But this past matchday at Liverpool Arsenal were no match for the juggernaut that is Liverpool Football Club playing football at different speed than their opponents. Salah, Mane, Firmino, Robertson, Alexander-Arnold attack the opposition in waves, never relenting until the opposition are bloody and battered and eventually vanquished. Arsenal got the treatment the rest of the league have been getting lately from Liverpool who more than likely are headed to Premier League glory after 28 long years and breaking records set by Manchester City one season ago.

Manchester City got their act together and finally won a football match against mid table opposition for only the first time in 3 tries and second time in 5 matches. This drop in form, precipitated by injuries to key players came at a very unfortunate time for Pep’s boys who were on course to repeating as champions, toying with their opponents with their short passing game. But injuries happen and often times to key players and the cohesive unit that is a team becomes unbalanced having to fit new players into a system who are not accustomed to playing with one another – this ultimately leads to a lack of rhythm in the team which leads to bad results. Fingers crossed, MY City players stay healthy and get back to playing Pep’s football.

Manchester United have their swagger back winning 3 in a row after firing their ego-maniacal ultra defensive coach Jose Mourinho. Football is known as the beautiful game – attack, create chances, score goals, win games but no, Mourinho will do none of that – his only purpose is not to give up goals and then to score on a break if possible, this is the worst kind of football, it is ugly to watch and antithetical to everything what football should be. Win ugly…, no screw that! Win playing beautiful football like Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Juergen Klopp, Pep Guardiola and now Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Solskjaer has unshackled the United players and it genuinely seems like they are enjoying playing football again. Pogba one of the best in the world was often benched and asked to play as a holding midfielder under Mourinho – now he is getting forward playing in his natural position and creating chances, scoring goals and more importantly United are winning and the Old Trafford faithful are totally behind the team. United have won 3 in a row scoring 12 goals since the new manager’s appointment and confidence should be high in the Red Devil’s camp that they can sustain this winning streak and brand of football.

With 20 matchdays in the books Liverpool are the team to catch with a clear 7 point lead over second place City – a massive Battle of the Titans match looms this Thursday when Liverpool visit City at the Etihad, if Liverpool beat City and open up a 10 point lead, Liverpool should be 1-100 odds to win the league, but if City win and cut the lead down to 4 points, then its anyone’s to win. Bon Chance!



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