2018 Man City – The greatest League team ever!








The premier league title wining Manchester city team of 2017-2018 team are the greatest English football league team of all time. There has never been a team to dominate one season of league football ever like City did this past season. In a season where City in all reality won the league on December 10th 2017 with a 1-2 win against United at Old Trafford to open a 11 point lead in the league, the remaining fixtures were just a formality for City to amass points and open up the gap while the remaining top 5 teams consistently dropped points.

Sure, there will be naysayers who say the Arsenal “Invincibles” of 2003-2004 were the greatest ever on the count of going undefeated, but Arsenal that season finished with 26 wins for 90 points, drawing 12 matches – scoring a measly 73 goals. This City team won 32 matches, scored 106 goals and became the first team to total 100 points – a feat that will not be matched anytime soon. Also City were competing with 5 other strong teams managed by top European managers that did not exist in 2003. Guardiola had to manage against Mourinho, Klopp, Pocchetino, Wenger and Conte – this kind of tactical knowledge and football acumen prescribed by continental coaches did not exist in the premier league in 2003. Furthermore City had it much harder in competing against bigger, wealthier clubs with deeper squads this past season than did Arsenal in 2003-2004.

But what proves City to be the best team of all time is the 8 major records the Blues smashed this season, records that surely won’t be broken anytime soon:

  • City won 32 matches, the previous record was 30.
  • City amassed 100 points, the previous record was 95.
  • City scored 106 goals in the league, the previous best was 103.
  • City won 16 away matches, the previous record was 15.
  • City won 18 straight matches in the league, the previous record was 13.
  • City totaled 50 away points, the previous record was 48.
  • The goal difference between City and the second team finisher was 79 goals, the previous record was 71.
  • City finished 19 points ahead of the second place finisher United, the previous record was 18.

With the facts being stated, statistics tell the truth about City’s domination. Numbers prove that the Manchester City team of 2017-2018 were the most dominant and the best football team ever to play English league football.


3 thoughts on “2018 Man City – The greatest League team ever!

  1. Ang Dorjee Sherpa diehard LFC fan. says:

    Enjoy it awhile you have all the records for 2017 and 2018 season. Next year will be our Liverpool FC.

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